About Invigorate

About Invigorate

in·​vig·​o·​rate : to give life and energy to

This site, www.nvgrt.com, is the online marketplace for Invigorate Inc. Invigorate Inc is a registered non-profit that was formed to give life and energy to special projects. We are currently focused on two large projects: Wheelchairs for Kenya and a Business as Mission ecosystem.

Wheelchairs for Kenya
There is an urgent need for pediatric wheelchairs in East Africa. There are several organizations discussing how to solve this need and Invigorate is well positioned and qualified to lead a unified effort to provide access to affordable and available wheelchairs in Kenya.

Invigorate will extend an open invitation to faith-based organizations operating in Kenya that provide wheelchairs and assistive technology (AT). We will lead interested organizations to form a wheelchair partner network with representation on an Invigorate AT advisory committee to maintain interactive feedback and wheelchair partner network governance.

Invigorate will:

  • Establish and lead a partner network to develop a distributed wheelchair provisioning ecosystem in Kenya and East Africa.
  • Facilitate the purchases a shipment of 600 wheelchairs to respond to urgent needs. This effort is underway and we still need to raise $195,000 for 400 more wheelchairs.
  • Collect and transfer funds for this shipment and future projects.
  • Build a strategically located modern manufacturing facility to consolidate industrial equipment and manufacturing expertise in Kenya.
  • Produce the full line of Beeline Wheelchairs because they are highly configurable, durable, serviceable, and cost effective.
  • Equip and supply each partner organization to become assembly clinic sites to:
    • Maintain reach in local communities.
    • Ensure appropriate provisioning and fitting.
    • Provide better follow up care and maintenance.
    • Facilitate effective local ministry.
  • Develop synergies so partner organizations benefit from economies of scale resulting in reduced cost and improved supply.
  • Operate manufacturing facility as a business with a revenue plan to drive sustainable growth, including out of network sales.
  • Require partners to adhere to appropriate provisioning standards and to commitment to collect and report outcomes data.
  • Include representatives from partner network organizations on an advisory committee to provide feedback to Invigorate.
  • Create a model to replicate in other countries to try to meet the global wheelchair production deficit.

According to The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals there is an unmet need for 20M new wheelchairs annually. The Wheels for Kenya project aims to help solve this.

Business as Mission Ecosystem

Invigorate is starting a peer group network for Christian leaders operating international businesses and nonprofits. The goal is to create small close-knit groups of leaders who can encourage and advise each other in the international operations context. The reason is simple, these leaders face specific challenges and pressures, so guidance and encouragement from level peers is more meaningful. The mission is to challenge these individuals to effectively share the gospel in their organizations. The vision is to encourage these groups to eventually come alongside young international leaders to provide mentorship and discipleship. We combine business and nonprofit leaders to exchange two-way business and missions advice. Invigorate will operate a secure platform to facilitate guidance, communications and access to shared resources. This ecosystem is part of the overall strategy to accomplish the vision for the Wheelchairs for Kenya project.

Support Invigorate

There are two main ways to support Invigorate. We are currently selling shirts and prints that feature art that is hand drawn by the founder of Invigorate. You can also donate directly to Wheelchairs for Kenya or Invigorate.

Please contact us with any questions, to learn about other ways to get involved, or to learn how to send funds directly.