April Update

The Land Rover Defender has been the most popular design, but we just posted some new T-Shirt designs and the Ink Leopard is awesome!

We re-focused the site to direct funds to Invigorate and wheelchairs. We still intend to support other projects, but most purchasers did not select a project anyways so we'll direct funds where needed. When donating, 100% of the funds will be directed to the selected project, like Wheelchairs for Kenya.

We haven't been able to hit the weekly target for new shirts, but we'll keep adding new products frequently so please check back soon.

Millions of people need a wheelchair and cannot afford one. Invigorate will help solve this. T-Shirts are just the beginning. In time, we'll add additional products to help raise funds and awareness about the need global need for wheelchairs.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased, we really appreciate the support!